Thorsday 16-05-19 with The Barbell Shrugged Collective and FitAid

Thorsday 16-05-19 with The Barbell Shrugged Collective and FitAid

May 20, 2019

This weeks #Thorsday was a very special one, to say the least. We were asked by the much respected Barbell Shrugged Collective if we would feature their 'One Ton Challenge' for our popular weekly 'Thorsday workout'. 


“The One Ton Club  was started at John Cena’s gym for people who can lift a total of one ton or 2,000 lb. in 48 hours, doing 6 lifts: squat, clean, jerk, snatch, deadlift and bench. Wrestler, rapper and artists John Cena created the One Ton Club as a way to make training more fun by gamifying it. If you made the One Ton Club, you get a special shirt, and your name will be on the door or wall
The Shrugged Collective and FitAid have bought us the One Ton Challenge, along with an online leaderboard.
“There’s no need to qualify. You don’t have to be in the top 1% to participate.
Strong people don’t run from a challenge, they attack it head on. The purpose is not achieving a certain number. The purpose is to get better. With a goal specific program designed to build strength and perfect technique, you will get better”.

The Shrugged Collective have been around for many years in the CrossFit community, and boast a huge following. Their opinions, views and reviews are much respected by the most well-known in the community. To be asked to post their challenge was an honour. To make it international for them even more so. 

Barbell Shrugged Repost:

"Our friends @thorfitnesseurope just officially brought the #onetonchallenge international making the challenge the workout for the famous “Thorsday” workout.
I love seeing the traction this challenge is getting and we have not even released the training plan yet.
Head over and check out their page.
Click the link in the bio to download the 97 page One Ton Challenge Starter Kit filled with technique, nutrition, supplementation, and workouts for free.
Go be strong friends."

Obviously many of us mere mortals will not exceed the 2000lbs total for men or 15000lbs for ladies, but it is still a great benchmark to see what your total of all 6 lifts are. 

Anders Varner says about the challenge "It’s not about the weight as much as the fun and love for picking up heavy stuff".

Go have fun with it. Explore more of the challenge on the One Ton Challenge web page.

To see the Shrugged Collective Repost, click here.

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