19 Reasons why you need the new Thor 'Comrade Backpack' in your life

19 Reasons why you need the new Thor 'Comrade Backpack' in your life

August 09, 2019

Following the great feedback from pre-orders of the Comrade Backpack, we've had many people asking about it's features. So we have made this list of reasons why you need to make this bag an addition to your life.


19 reasons why:


  1. A massive 45L of storage, providing a huge amount of room for gym kit. This includes the usual accessories, 2 pairs of shoes, work clothes, laptop, camera, food and water, plus loads of other bits. (Even the stuff you don’t need but pack anyway.) 
  2. It boasts pockets, pouches and stows galore for your hand repair, protein shaker, valuables and speed rope.
  3. We flight-tested the bag, taking across North and Central America instead of an ‘EasyJet compliant’ wheelie bag. The results? Unbelievably we could fit the same amount in the Thor Comrade, without the added weight of the carry-on suitcase itself. It also fitted easily into all the pesky hand luggage test cages on a variety of airlines. (Please check restrictions before travel). 
  4. Though it boasts a huge amount of storage, the bag flattens down to a fraction of its size (7cm when empty), making it perfect to take away in a suitecase too. It weighs around a mere 1kg, meaning your missis can stuff that hairdryer in there when you're doing the check-in-desk juggle.
  5. It’s not just fitness and travelling. Take your Comrade Backpack hiking, hunting, horse riding or hammer throwing. Do what you love - take all your kit. 
  6. The bag comes with standard with a Thor velcro-backed rubber patch, leaving plenty of room to customise your bag with other patches. Show your colours and countries here. 
  7. Cross-support straps are removable. You can simply add or remove to suit your need and look. 
  8. Made from military grade high-density poly and nylon, it's hardwearing and extremely durable. 
  9. The shoulder straps are double padded with breathable gauze lining
  10. The Oxford Fabric and PVC backing is waterproof. You’ll come out on top in a water fight. Even if your opposition has a SuperSoaker 3000. 
  11. Grab one of any 10 epic colours: Thor Black, Navy SEAL Blue, Pebble Grey, Jungle Camo, DigiBlue Camo, Army Camo, Military Green, Army Tan, Scarlet Red, Amethyst Purple  
  12. The bag's exterior provides even more scope for attachments and storage. Think sweaty knee sleeves, a lifting belt and your foam roller
  13. The bag opens out 180 degrees making a big pack even easier. Open, lay, pack, close. Rinse and repeat if you love packing. 
  14. We offer FREE UK shipping.
  15. We also offer FREE Worldwide shipping over £70 
  16. It’s better priced than other functional gym and tactical bags, without having to sacrifice on quality.  
  17. Be the envy of your mates. Once they see it, they’ll be trying it on and ordering the colour someone else hasn’t already got. 
  18. Competition day. With enough room for lifters, MetCons, 50 T-Shirts and a kitchen sink, you’ll be well prepared to throw down. You just need to fill it up. 
  19. We’ve named it the Comrade Backpack as it’ll be your partner. Heck, you could fill it with weights and drag it through Murph if you want. Best thing is? It won’t moan.  


Hit the link to bag yours now. No pun intended. (Well, maybe a little bit).


Don’t forget to watch the demo video here to see the practicality of the bag.

Welcome to the Thor Comrade Backpack.